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WELLAN ®2000 Ring

WELLAN® 2000 Ring is made of aluminium-silicon alloy (carrier material). Ring is made out of two halves of carrier material, which can be easily installed on the outside of a water pipe as a collar. Once the WELLAN® 2000 Ring is installed, it automatically starts to emit different kind of quantum oscillations in such a manner  that lime, rust, scale or biofouling matter no longer settle down but are washed out in minute particles. Energized water by WELLAN® 2000 Ring resist any build up of new corrosion. All vital minerals remain in the water, pH value of the water is not affected and the water will not become aggressive. The piping system regains its original inner diameter. Loss of pressure and repair work are minimized.

WELLAN® 2000 Ring halves onto the prepared section of the pipe

What can WELLAN® 2000 Ring achieve?

  • remove lime and fouling
  • stop corrosion and oxidation
  • energies, revitalizes and informatively detoxifies water (dextrorotatory water), energy measured in Bovis units.
  • prevents formation of algae
  • reduces viruses and bacterias of various kinds (legionella)

Some clear advantages compared to other water treatment procedures available in the market :

  • It has no negative impact on the environment, does not result in followup cost after the initial investments
  • acts both in standing and in running water! => no dependency on flow rate and water consumption!!
  • acts without chemistry, magnets or current
  • removes lime and rust in non-agressive way and dramatically improves drinking water quality
  • is easy to install with almost no downtime
  • causes no service and maintenance costs
  • unfolds its action immediately upon installation

WELLAN® 2000 Ring sizes and availability

WELLAN® 2000 Ring are available from sizes starting at 1/2″ up to 40″ in diamter . Sizes up to 24″ are constant on stock and can be shipped in one week. Typical sizes are:

Private Homes

Apartment complexes / Industrial buildings

Heavy Industry

For larger devices, particularly for industrial applications, custom rings can be manufactured.