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What can METUM-STIC achieve?


  • activates and regenerates water
  • neutralises undesired fruit acids
  • reduces sulphur residues in wines
  • decomposes excessive carbon acid
… and thus makes all beverages more easily digestible and healthier!

The METUM-STIC prevents…

  • heartburn (e.g. from wine or fruit juices)
  • bacteria (e.g. in water)
  • palpitations (e.g. from coffee)
  • indigestion (e.g. of beer)
… and this for ever, because METUM-STIC never wears off !

*Attention, drivers! Even after having consumed alcohol employing METUM-STIC it is imperative:

Hands off the driving wheel!


How does METUM-STIC work?

The METUM-STIC is a product of refined conception which builds on the findings of quantum physics.
The principle is the same as in the case of our WELLAN2000 product:


Ultra-fine oscillations which – in the case of the METUM-STIC– are stored in the metal whiel, me alters drinks in a positive way.
The METUM-STIC may be carried along any place (a plastic case will come with the product) and it will never wear off.
If you are interested in detailed information, you are welcome to ask for our free Information Brochure.