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Klaus Wagner at IAB dedicated himself to study water treatment and to sell many water treatment devices. Solving the problem of furred and rusted pipes always came first and the aim has been to keep the pipes free from lime. At this point, few asked, what about water quality? The idea matured to develop a water treatment device that is able to clear up furred pipes, to stop corrosion, and to improve the drinking-water quality.

 Energy Saving & Green Product

Wellan 2000 is a true eco-friendly and green product.

It activates constructive physiological oscillations and thereby influences bio-physical processes beyond body and environmental chemistry. It works without chemicals, magnets or electricity and there are no additional installation, service and maintenance costs. This keeps its footprint on environment at minimum.

WELLAN® 2000" has been used effectively in many different ways, in private homes and in industrial applications, for more than 10 years. Thousands of very satisfied customers have come to know and appreciate our unique technology. Our products are sold throughout all of Germany and the world. WELLAN® 2000 has the right solution for every water problem. To date, the largest pipe that was ever fitted with WELLAN® 2000 had a diameter of 40". But the fact that this water treatment device frees pipes and stops rust and oxidation is not the only benefit: "WELLAN® 2000" also plays an important part in overcoming the environmental problems we face today. Why not test our novel device for four weeks? You'll see the results for yourself, just as all of our satisfied customers have done before you.

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