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There is nothing better than actually calling us at Mobile: +91 9898046263  and ask for Sunil who will answer any and all questions that may arise as you read through the website. Nevertheless, the following always come up during presentations and we note them down for information:

How long does the WELLAN®2000 Ring last?

Wellan can be used for a several years without having to be recharged. When WELLAN®2000 Rings are exposed to heavy electrical current like welding it has to be recharged.

How long do the oscillations travel?

They travel for a number of miles but their effectivity can be compromised by electrical forces in nature. It is recommended that each equipment like a boiler/heat exchanger/cooling tower etc be serviced by one WELLAN®2000 Ring for best results. Multiple use is not recommended at all.

What powers the WELLAN®2000 Ring?

Wellan is like a CD/DVD self-powered and does not require an outside source just as magnets do not. It emits oscillation in the same manner as any element in nature.

Will one WELLAN®2000 Ring take care of all flow rates/rust/lime scale/algae?

One ring does it all. You do not need a different Ring for slower or faster flow rates. Specific rings are only made when there is a problem element or bio film that Wellan may not have encountered.

What is the WELLAN®2000 Ring made of?

Aluminium, steel, and various trace elements are used to make a WELLAN®2000 Ring. Trace elements are necessary since certain oscillations do not program well on aluminium or steel.

Why don’t I feel the oscillations as I hold the WELLAN®2000 Ring?

As much as you do not feel the power of magnet or from a metal rod, you would not feel any oscillations from the WELLAN®2000 Ring.

How do you program the Wellan?

By a proprietary laser technology , based on Quantum Physics.

Is one WELLAN®2000 Ring sufficient for a residential house?

Yes, installed on the inlet of the main line. In large apartment complexes it is recommended that one WELLAN®2000 Ring be installed at the mains and each on the boilers, heat exchanger/cooling tower etc

If I have brown/green water will it cure the situation?

In a matter of days this problem will disappear.

The water in the Condenser line emits foul odor !

The odor will disappear within weeks. Bio-film causing the odor and clogging will clear out. The pressure gauge will show a reduction resulting a free flow of liquid.

Is the effectiveness of the devices consumed over time?

Normally it isn't as long as no strong electric fields affect the devices from the outside. If for some reason the effectiveness of a device should decrease or if the device should not work any longer it can be recharged at any time. 
In the case of critical industrial applications, where a lot of strain is on the rings, Wellan is replacing as a part of the contract the rings once a year. So it is assured Wellan is working all the time with the highest possible performance.

How many Wellan Ring are needed?

For home use in small accomodation units normally one Ring, which is installed around the main water pipe, is sufficient. For industrial applications, it depends on the task to treat e.g one pump one Wellan ring is enough, to treat a big cooling loop with hundreds of heat exchangers, accordingly more rings are needed.

How far does the impact of Wellan reach in a pipe?

Under very ideal circumstances, as in a subsea line we the longest pipe we have treated is app. 30 kilometers. In industrial areas with pumps, electrical driven machines, the distance is not so far.

Is it necessary to install a second device for the hot water circute?

In samller buildings it isn't. In bigger buildings where water is circulated it is to recommend to install in this loop as well.

Up to which temparature does Wellan work?

Very good experiences are existent for temperatures far beyond 300° C.

What is the maximum capacity of Wellan?

Especially designed devices are available for industrial applications. We have several installations with a delivery rate of more than 10.000 m3/hour.

Are substances filtered out of the water?

No, they're not. Wellan can only influence the substances dissolved in water. Particles contained in water are still in it when it has passed the Wellan device. But these can mostly be removed using filters.

How does Wellan affect YOUR health?

There are no negative impacts known.