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Benefit of Wellan2000 on human body

Water in nature passes different stages and is energized. Due to pollution and pipelines the water picks up many different vibrations and looses the energy level. Purification does not remove the vibrations which are on subtle levels of quantum physics. WELLAN 2000 cancels most of these negative vibrations and increases the energy level. Across the globe over 100 000 WELLAN 2000 applications have been realized during the past 20 years while improving the product.

WELLAN 2000 works through biosignals which have been stored in its interior. These signals penetrate all pipes and tubes and influence the water which is passing through. As a result, the vibrations in the water are changed in such a way that lime and rust do no longer settle down but are washed out in minute particles. The basis of this technology is the realization of the latest knowledge of modern quantum theory.

Frequency patterns from the ultra-fine range (quantum vibrations) are modulated onto WELLAN 2000 by means of a laser technology. WELLAN 2000 consists of high-quality information storage material (base material crystals) which is capable of storing such vibrations for indefinite period of time and resonating them. These vibrations penetrate any kind of material and they are absorbed by the water as interference or resonance vibrations (hydrogen bridges or water molecules). Within splits of a second this information passes through the water. More ....