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We are a national distributor of IAB Institute for Applied Bioenergetics, we specialize in marketing, engineering and after sales service for IAB’s innovative products in India. Our partner IAB is a company focused on water treatment with leading technology and over twenty years of profesional experience. The company’s product WELLAN®2000 Ring , incorporate a wide array of innovative technology. In year 2000 IAB started exporting in name of WELLAN Gmbh world-wide & has more than 10,000 installations worldwide. Products are sold in over 35 countries worldwide having representation in more than 24 countries. Because of their unparalleled efficiency and eco-friendliness, IAB’s products are gaining a worldwide reputation.

With a professional team in sales, engineering, and customer service, we will be dedicated in providing effective solutions to our customer’s water treatment projects. Our seasoned managers and engineers are always available to discuss with you about scale, rusts, and algae/bio-film problems which exist with water bearing pipes.

History of WELLAN® 2000

Water is a source of energy and a carrier of information for man, but only if the water is not polluted by environmental poisons. This insight induced Mr. Klaus Wagner, a natural-medical practitioner who runs a practice for natural healing, to study the effects of pure water more closely. There exists a variety of water treatment systems. Many of them work either with chemicals, current, or magnets. All the systems and methods function well, but only if the water is flowing.

Klaus Wagner, Inventor of the WELLAN® 2000 – biosignal water treatment device

Klaus Wagner at IAB dedicated himself to study water treatment and to sell many water treatment devices. Solving the problem of furred and rusted pipes always came first and the aim has been to keep the pipes free from lime. At this point, few asked, what about water quality? The idea matured to develop a water treatment device that is able to clear up furred pipes, to stop corrosion, and to improve the drinking-water quality—a device that functions whether the water is standing or flowing.

The solution was a pioneering invention “WELLAN, the biosignal water treatment device”

With a great deal of work and hard labor, the device was further enhanced in collaboration with other private institutes.

In year 1996 “WELLAN®2000″ was founded as a privately owned company and is headquatered in a small town Asperg in the district of Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.  Today “WELLAN®2000″ products are proudly offered to public as a matured, future-oriented products capable of covering all the sectors of water treatment . WELLAN®2000 has been effectively used in both industrial and domestic applications.